39: Leaders With Heart Look For Greatness Inside The People They Lead

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SUBSCRIBE TO ITUNES In this episode, Heather speaks with U.J. Jatar about his leadership style, the unique background that contributed to his leadership focus, challenges in leadership and a refreshed vision of human potential. Key Takeaways: Our people have more … Read More

38: Leaders With Heart Don’t Shy Away From Admitting Their Love For Their People

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SUBSCRIBE TO ITUNES In this podcast, Heather speaks with Mindy Flanigan, Chief Inspiration Officer at Inspiring HR. Mindy shares her leadership philosophy, a story when she was challenged to be the shining leader she is today, tips for connecting with … Read More

33: Leaders With Heart Understand that Growth is a Journey

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In this episode, I will share a private message with all of you about the need to be patient while growth and development are taking place within you and your team. I will also share a personal story about a big … Read More

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