If you are looking for an energizing speaker for a conference, or annual employee event, you have come to the right place. We are delighted that you decided to look into our employee and leader-centered speaking engagements.
We have laid out the four main keynote or breakout session presentations we offer. However, we can and will be flexible around your specific conference goals. Connect with us and we can discuss the details. Thank you for checking in!


Recent Speaking Engagements


High Performing Government, Cartegraph Conference, November, 2017















No Longer Virtual Conference, February, 2017

Facilitated Session


I had the pleasure of attending one of Heather’s presentations this year at the No Longer Virtual Conference in Atlanta, GA. Heather gave an amazing presentation and was in total control of the room. If you are thinking of bringing Heather in you shouldn’t hesitate to invite her. I can’t wait to see her speak again, she’s that good. Heather’s insights and knowledge of employee retention are extremely valuable to anyone who runs a company, department, or team of any kind. Ben Walker, CEO Transcription Outsourcing, LLC.    http://www.transcriptionoutsourcing.net/


Southwest Marketing Research Association, April, 2016

Breakout Session Speaking Engagement 


SIIA, Deciphering Customer Success, June 2016

Led Panel Discussion 



This is our hallmark speaking topic. In this presentation, we will walk your attendees through what it takes to create employees who are positively fanatical about their brands. We will arm them with practical lessons for creating a service culture through leadership fundamentals. We will share employee testimonials and enlightening customer insights. Most should walk away energized to put what they learn to immediate use!
This presentation concerns employees and the role they play in creating organizational success. This presentation is best for attendees with supervisory responsibility. In this candid and insightful presentation, we will walk attendees through the journey of a prospective employee and be intrigued by the stories of their journey after they are hired. Attendees will learn ways that they can improve their employee’s experience within their organizations, and have a renewed commitment to their role as leader.
This is an interactive speech that mirrors the 7 Laws found in Heather’s best-selling book, The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty. This is meant for supervisors or above, and or human resources professionals who serve aw the coaches to many in management positions. Attendees can expect to be energized by Heather’s talk about what it takes to create truly loyal and engaged employees.



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