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4. The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty: Fascinating Truths About What It Takes to Create Truly Loyal and Engaged Employees by Heather R. Younger

This book does an outstanding job of focusing on the importance of employee loyalty and engagement to a company’s bottom line. While some employers may forget that their employees are their most important asset and choose to neglect them, Younger gives specific reasons and statistics showing why those who focus on employee retention are more successful than their competitors. – John FeldmannInsperity

Our Founder lends her voice to the topic of employee fear in the face of AI changes in this article.

Heather was interviewed for her expertise in employee loyalty and crowdsourced recognition.

As a speaker at the 2018 Environmental Leader Conference, Heather shared some valid points, some of which were captured in this article.


Getting Unstuck: The Innovation Station

Exploring Employee Engagement & Loyalty, Interview with Heather Younger.

"The Gallup Organization annually reports that approximately 70% of all U.S. workers are on the spectrum of disengagement from their jobs and or careers. In this episode, Kirsten Richert and Jeff Ikler talk with author and consultant Heather Younger to explore the link between employee engagement and loyalty, and the question of who owns the responsibility of engaging workers: leadership or the employees themselves?" [Click the play button to listen]​

Ash Said it Daily Podcast

"Heather Younger opens up about her early goals and how life flipped things around. Challenges constantly presented themselves and she perservered through it all. She talks about growing up biracial and how it curved her perspective. This business mogul built Customer Fanatix out of the sheer need. She also continues to write books set to inspire the next great mind..." [Click the play button to listen]

The Fast Leader Podcast

"Heather Younger was leading the entire client facing team for a company that was going through a big merger. After about a year into the merger the company culture took a nosedive. Heather went to the head of HR, even though she was leading the customer experience, about making changes to improve the employee experience. Heather ended up being responsible to managing the experience for both..." [Click the play button to listen]​

Moving Forward Leadership Podcast

"I had the great pleasure of having employee loyalty expert Heather Younger on the show with me. Heather, has a deep history and passion for driving employee loyalty which was spurred by her losing her own job one time. Here are the topics which we cover during this interview: What the main benefits of employee loyalty are, why employers don’t prioritize employee loyalty, Heather’s 7 Intuitive Laws in an overview..." [Click the play button to listen]​

The Freedom Club Podcast

"Heather is today’s guest on The Freedom Club Podcast (listen at the links above), and we discussed her book, the key to building employee loyalty, and her career track from attorney to facilitator/author/speaker..." [Click the play button to listen]​