Looking for motivational speakers?

Connect with Heather to see if she is a good fit for your audience.

Looking for
motivational speakers?

Connect with Heather to see if she is a good fit for your audience.

"Working with Heather was an outstanding experience. She gave the audience a very clear, concise, and easy to understand lecture about employee´s loyalty. She has a dynamic approach that easily engages the audience. Her energy and great ideas are inspirational!"
Ana de Magalhães
Editor in chief of Harvard Business Review Brasil
"Heather is an extremely capable person; attending her talk at HBRWeek in São Paulo was absolutely inspiring. Hope I can meet you again soon! All the best in the world to you, Heather! You've earned it!"
Ana Elisa Igel
English-Portuguese-English Translator

Motivational speakers bring a fresh, inspirational perspective to your organization. They combine enthusiasm with wide-ranging knowledge in a style that connects with your audience.


When you are looking for motivational speakers for your next event, Heather Younger should be at the top of your list. Heather’s experience is vast – from practicing attorney to best-selling author to founder of Customer Fanatix. Over the years, she has motivated over 1,000 employers and their employees to greater success.


As a member of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Heather stays current on workplace trends. You’ll find her talks directly address pain points found in organizations. For example, a recent SHRM study shows that, “Employee turnover triggered by poor workplace culture drained nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars from businesses over the last five years as workers fled managers who they believed created the caustic environment.”

"I have had the privilege to facilitate Heather’s conference at HBR Week here in Brazil last April, and must say I am not only impressed by her deep expertise on employee loyalty, but especially by her great charisma and personality. For more than once during her presentation, I had to remind myself we were on stage in front of 500 executives - Heather delivers her insights in such a magnetic, involving and personal way that it really felt like she actually knew all those people in the room, and was having a friendly one-on-one conversation with them.

And as the true employee advocate rockstar she is, she dedicated a lot of her time to listen to what people had to say, answered to all the questions she had and interacted as much as she could with the audience.

Heather is a great reference and source of inspiration for everyone who is involved in creating excellent employee conditions and experiences. She is helping to reshape the world of work by putting people where they always should have been in the corporate world: in the center of everything.”
Gustavo Tavares
Country Manager Brazil at Top Employers Institute - For a Better World of Work
"Heather is a dynamic and engaging speaker with an interesting and inspiring story. We had her speak at our annual meeting for NIRI-RM on “Lead Yourself First,” and we were duly impressed! Heather shared the principals she lives by every day that enables us to be better leaders. I would definitely recommend Heather for future speaking engagements!”
Rebecca Palumbo
Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Administration,
Hallador Energy Company
"Heather was referred to me from an industry contact who I trust. The Colorado Bankers Association was looking for a keynote speaker at our Annual Women’s Leadership conference. She did not disappoint. Heather energized and inspired our attendees to think differently about their roles as leaders inside and outside of their organizations. Heather really connected with the audience, I recommend her for any event. We will have her back at a future conference!”
Jenifer Waller
COO at Colorado Bankers Association
As a Police Chief inheriting a Department that wanted to take the organization to the next level of professional development and community service delivery, Heather understood it was a matter of building up morale through a clearly-defined vision of professional expectations, coupled with leading by example and empathy for the personnel. "Leading with Heart". I am so confident Heather can effect the same positive self-reflection among your employees if you give her a try!
Raymund Aguirre
Chief of Police, California State University, Fullerton
"Heather is a very engaging, relatable, and compelling speaker. Her presentation provided me with great examples and ideas to apply in my organization. I left the room prepared and ready to start applying what I learned!"
Alison Jeske
HR Manager & Conference Organizer

The praise for Heather as one of the world's top motivational speakers is glowing.

You have great energy and such an infectious passion for engagement. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Excellent speaker. Her 7 Laws is so great and makes me interested in reading her book!

It was great to hear and engage w/ Heather’s experience and perspective on employee engagement

Loved her communication style and her slides were great. Terrific method for retaining employees.

Did an excellent job keeping focus, engaged, especially in the morning.

Managers play a major factor in whether a employee stays. I appreciated Heather’s preparation and enthusiasm.

Heather was very engaging and her 7 Laws make a solid argument for why it’s most important to appreciate associates through giving them time and gratitude, recognition for their contributions to the team.

Took away some great questions can use in our stay interviews! Like the 7 laws, all definitely intuitive but clearly important to layout.

"Heather injected high energy and inspiration into TINYcon. She's polished, professional, and engaging with the audience taking photos of her slides and writing down copious notes. She's truly one of the leading lights in the field of employee loyalty, and our audience of HR professionals rated her talk extremely highly. I'm looking forward to hearing her speak again."
David Niu
Founder and CEO of TINYhr, Creator of TINYpulse

Heather’s motivational speeches cover a wide range of leadership and employee engagement topics. She energizes and inspires people to think outside the box, and take a different view of their roles within their organizations and communities. By bringing an outside perspective to internal issues, and demonstrating that some issues are universal, leaders are more open to change.

As one of the most dynamic black women motivational speakers in the U.S., Heather can provide insight that will help leaders understand their diverse workforce in a new way. She can speak on the following topics, or customize a presentation for your organization.

Speaking Topics

Frustrated by the lack of engagement in your organization? Constantly battling high employee turnover?

In this enlightening keynote, Heather reveals the underlying actions organizations can take to create a more engaged and loyal workforce despite budget constraints.

Attendees will leave more motivated and energized to get to work in doing what they can do to create more positive experiences for everyone in the workplace.


Attendees will learn:

  • The role they individually play in employee turnover and loyalty
  • The main driver for employee loyalty
  • The distinct ways that they can lead themselves more effectively
  • What employees need from them to want to stay engaged in the organization everyday


Heather interacts with the audience and has the interact with one another. Attendees will leave changed and empowered to do what they can to transform their own workplaces.

While companies say they are committed to gender diversity, women remain underrepresented at every level of most corporations. According to McKinsey & Company’s Women in the Workplace 2018 study,

“Women are dramatically outnumbered in senior leadership. Only about 1 in 5 C-suite leaders is a woman, and only 1 in 25 is a woman of color.”  

As a woman of color and seasoned executive, Heather Younger increases your audience’s understanding of their increasingly diverse workforces with humor and enthusiasm. She has earned a reputation as “The Employee Whisperer” for her ability to connect and motivate.

Attendees will walk away energized and inspired to:

  • Understand the very important role women play in creating more profitable and engaged organizations
  • Leap over the very real adversity and obstacles in their path
  • Increase and harness their emotional and social intelligence to make more objective decisions
  • Walk with greater confidence in knowing the innate power they hold
  • Be greater catalysts for positive change in their workplaces

They will all leave uplifted and along the way, laugh, cringe and maybe even cry. No matter what, they will be changed.

Most successful people in history had to overcome many barriers to success. From Abraham Lincoln to Walt Disney to Oprah Winfrey. What is the secret ingredient that all of them have? Resilience. Whether they received a ‘No’ 500 times, they experienced extreme levels of abuse, or they were penniless, they still decided to move forward and become their best selves. In this talk, Heather will share her personal story of adversity and lay out the five steps she takes everyday to overcome her past and unleash her true greatness. You will learn how to do the same in your life and your workplace.

Ever wondered why communication always seems to be the problem in your workplace — and virtually any other workplace?

In this funny and interactive talk, Heather will reveal the key reasons why organizations often run into communication fumbles and why no one seems to be on the same page.

Heather will expect participation in this session and will demonstrate how different communication styles, when paired together, deliver different results and conclusions. Heather will have the audience interacting and will create tons of “aha” moments as it relates to the power each of us has to curate meaningful communications in our workplaces.

Heather R. Younger
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