3 Undervalued Practices of Successful Managers

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  I have had the privilege to work with and interview some very committed managers. They were also leaders. There are really three common practices successful managers commit to doing consistently: 1. Successful managers recognize efforts I often hear that many … Read More

A Final Peek: My Interview with a Zappos Leader.

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In the first of these articles, Rich Hazeltine of Zappos and I discussed the role that training and development plays in creating engaged employees, the challenges in moving away from a traditional model of management to a more self-organized one and … Read More

A Deeper Look: An Interview with a Zappos Leader

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This article is the second in a 3-part series based upon my interview with Zappos’ training and development leader, Richard Hazeltine. You can check out the first article here for my discussion with Richard about the role of training and … Read More

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