5-Step Process Saves Most Any Customer Relationship

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I often tell people that customer experience, customer service and customer relationship management are really mostly about having the right processes in place to support the customer’s journey. Below is a 5-step process I have used hundreds of times over … Read More

Want to Be Nordstrom-like? Are You Up To It?

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I recently spoke with a prospective client who told me that his organization was aiming to be the “Nordstrom” of their industry. In my position, I hear this a lot. To be clear, getting to be the Nordstrom of any … Read More

3 Undervalued Practices of Successful Managers

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  I have had the privilege to work with and interview some very committed managers. They were also leaders. There are really three common practices successful managers commit to doing consistently: 1. Successful managers recognize efforts I often hear that many … Read More

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