“At Their Side” Leadership Coaching


Do you think that you lead from a position that tells your team you see them as valued partners? Do you think your leadership style engages or detracts loyal employees?


Sign up for my exclusive offer in March only for two one-on-one coaching sessions for just $297! This is a huge discount from my normal coaching rate of $500.00 per session.


I am making this generous offer, because I feel so passionately about the “at their side” leadership style that I want to coach as many professionals on this leadership philosophy and create more positive experiences for as many front line employees as possible!


During the initial coaching session, we will dive into areas that might be stopping you from getting the most out of your team and career. Over the course of your session, we will look at things like your current:

  • Recognition practices                     employee engagement audit
  • Employee recruitment and training
  • Performance accountability practices
  • Empowerment philosophy
  • Team interactions


You are looking to kick-up your leadership effectiveness, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered!

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March offer of (2) two one-on-one coaching sessions with Customer Fanatix founder, Heather Younger, for just $297.

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