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Are You Aware of Your Leadership Influence?
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Consider Your Leadership Influence   This post is not just for managers and leaders. It is for anyone who wants to better understand how they influence others around them. This word cannot be taken lightly. We all influence others in … Read More

Are You Doing Culture on Purpose?
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  What do Disney, Zappos, Southwest Airlines have in common? They are known for having very cool cultures. Unfortunately, other organizations try to put their finger on the secret ingredient, but look in the wrong places. I will tell you … Read More

#1 Reason to Craft a Compelling Customer Experience Vision, Now!
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      I have seen it time and again where senior leaders decide that they can move forward with executing on a tactical plan, because they want to feel successful. Worse yet, they oftentimes underestimate the importance of crafting … Read More

2 Key Ingredients to Employee & Organizational Success
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    Some years back, I worked with a teammate who, by her own choice, worked non-stop. No one needed to monitor her coming and going. She was just driven to do her best work as often as she wanted. … Read More