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What is Your Employee Listening Strategy?
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      Believe it or not, your organization needs an employee listening strategy. What do I mean by this? Many organizations administer an annual employee engagement survey and then stop there. By doing just that, they miss the opportunity … Read More

The #1 Way Leaders Destroy or Elevate Corporate Culture [Video]
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    Trust is the foundation for all positive and lasting corporate cultures. Leaders must realize the role they play in either destroying or elevating culture. In this video blog, I talk about the one thing that must happen in … Read More

Closing the Gaps: Leadership & the Front line
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  This is an interesting quote when we begin to think about the results we expect employees to deliver for organizations. The other day I¬†facilitated a workshop with a¬†moderately-sized group of frontline employees. One of the key topics was around … Read More

Manager-Employee Coaching: Intuitive Insights for Performance Success
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  Managers often struggle with effective employee coaching. I created this short video blog as my first step toward helping managers be more effective as a way to create more fulfillment in the teams they lead. Managers are the #1 … Read More