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Employee Pay: Are Emotional Paychecks Enough?
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    There is a lot of truth behind Jack Welch’s statement above. Let’s face it! We all need to pay our bills and not being able to do so can cause a huge amount of stress. There are studies … Read More

Four Reasons You Should Make Time for Your Employees [Guest Post by Liz Stincelli]
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    I know you’re busy. We’re all busy. But, we also all need to feel important. One of the best ways to make you leadership matter is to make your employees feel important. How do you do this? Simply … Read More

Employee Experience: Go Big or Go Home!
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I created this video blog because I hear all too often that clients or prospective clients want to go tactical before crafting a compelling employee experience strategy. In this video, I touch on a few areas that organizational leaders should … Read More

Which Came First: The Employee or the Customer?
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    Ever heard the question: Which came first the chicken or the egg? I swear that it feels like a circular discussion and what do we learn anyway? I see this complication, too, when working with clients. Which comes first: … Read More